Small Girls Are Portable Sex

Welcome to my brand new blog dedicated to tiny teen porn. I'm so glad that you've made it and I hope you'll find the kind of action you've been looking for but haven't been able to find elsewhere on the Internet. I know that I am going to do my best to provide you with hot, fresh and sexually stimulating content. In this Exxxtra Small gallery, we see a sexy petite blonde who is getting carried off by her boyfriend to be fucked. She's so small he can just throw her over his shoulder and carry her out of the living room and into his bedroom. She's like sex on a stick—small and portable. Once he gets her into his room, he pulls out his cock so she can give him a blowjob. An act she eagerly does. She even manages to suck his balls. Once she is done with that, she then bends over so he can probe the depths of her little pussy with his great big cock. And like it's done in most porn scenes, she ends things by getting a big wad of cum all over her face. Now how's that for an inaugural blog post? - check the whole gallery here!

Her Beauty Is No Illusion

I've been a fan of the porn site ExxxtraSmall for a long time now. Probably longer than I would like to admit. And in that time I've seen all kinds of beautiful petite babes. A whole hell of a lot of them. However, I don't think I've seen one as beautiful as this one—at least, not until this very moment. This chick is a lot different than a lot of smaller girls. That's because she looks deceptively tall. Which I assure you isn't the case. I guess that since she is thin and has a trunk that's slightly larger than her bottom half gives her the illusion of being a taller babe. Although like I said, she isn't. She's actually very tiny. What she is though is very fucking hot. Not only is she beautiful but she also has some kick ass sexual skills. She can really suck a dick, concentrating not only on the shaft but also on the balls, and she's willing to do thinks like give handjobs and footjobs. Hell, she'll even throw her legs behind her head for you while you fuck her. In other words, she's the woman of my dreams and quite possibly yours. - check the whole gallery here!

Sexual Dynamite Goes Off With A Bang

Okay, I have to admit that I was quite torn about liking this particular Exxxtra Small porn gallery. Not because the chick isn't beautiful because she is, and it's not because the action isn't hot because it couldn't be any hotter. What made me so reluctant about these pics is the dude that appears in it. What's wrong with the guy, you ask? Well, I have a big issue with him. In the first few pictures, he looks like a douche bag. Like one of those Jersey Shore dudes. Fuck, I don't even like seeing these type of guys in reality television shows, much less in my porn. However, I do have to admit that the scene's intensity makes me forget about him and concentrate on the girl instead. The girl is where your concentration should be focused anyway. This little spit fire is every thing a person could want in a petite girl. She's cute, compact and has big fucking tits. Okay, her boobs aren't huge but they're bigger than the usual petite girl's knockers. What's really compelling about her is how hard she fucks. She's like sexual fireworks. Small, compact but delivering a big bang. And on top of all that, she saved this gallery from my hate list. - check the whole gallery here!

Some Girls Really Get My Mojo Rolling

Wow, I didn't think I was going to make it through this ExxxtraSmall gallery. And that's isn't because it's not good or anything, because believe me it's outta this world. It's because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hold my man gravy after I saw this amazing little blonde. She's so fucking hot I just about came all over my keyboard, monitor and mouse. What a mess that would've been. Now I understand you might be wondering why this particular girl would have such an effect on me when I've seen hundreds of girls in hundreds of petite teen porn scenes. And I'm not exactly sure myself. All I can really do is speculate why this lady had such a dramatic effect on me and my dick. First off, she's a fucking blonde and I love blondes. They always have the ability to give me a hardon, even if they aren't that beautiful, and this girl is beautiful. Second, she has those tiny tits that really just drive me up the wall. Those breasts really go well with her slim body. And finally, she knows how a woman is supposed to suck a cock. By looking the guy she's blowing in the eye. That's what makes this girl so fucking incredible. - check the whole gallery here!

Petite Porn Star Is An Angel

Wanna see some tiny teen porn that features one of the sexiest petite angels I've seen in quite some time? If you just said yes, then buckle your seat belt because we're going to be in for a really wild ride. That's because I found this girl in an Exxxtra Small gallery that just blew me away and I think she'll have the same effect on you. Now to be honest, I really don't know who this girl is or what her name is. The only thing that I know about her is she's small, cute and has an interesting birthmark on her right ass cheek. At least, I hope it's a birth mark because if it isn't, then it might just be an old burn or something. Man, that would be terrible. Anyway, I'm digressing. I want to talk about how hot this babe is and how hard she fucks. I also want to talk about how much she's really enjoying fucking. She's all smiles as she's getting her pussy eaten, as she's getting fucked doggy style and as she gets her pussy covered in cum. It's very obvious that she loves what she does for a living and I love watching her earn that cash. - check the whole gallery here!

Small Latina Pussies Are Sometimes The Best

Some of the best things in the whole world come in small packages. For example, a diamond ring is a lot smaller than a coffee pot but it's worth a whole hell of a lot more. And that same thing can be said for the girls on Exxxtra Small. The girls in this small teen porn might be tiny but fuck are they amazing. The chick in this petite porn gallery is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. This tiny Latina is just barely 5 feet tall and probably doesn't even weigh a hundred pounds but she is fucking beautiful, exciting and sexually awesome. As you can see, some of the best things in the world come in small packages. First off, her body is like ice cream for me. I just can't get enough. She has those beautiful B-cup tits and that delicious looking pussy. And don't even get me started on this babe's ass. Man, I could spend all eternity playing with this chick's poop chute—it's that fucking awesome. What's really hot about her however, is she's a dynamo in the fucking bedroom. I think at one point in time she might have been a gymnast because she's all over the place. That really makes her insanely amazing. - check the whole gallery here!

This Tiny Babe Will Make Your Dick Bigger

Do you wanna see another ExxxtraSmall porn scene featuring a hot Latina in it? Well, if you do, then I have a really good one for you. A babe that small and beautiful and really knows how to fuck. If you're interested in checking her out, then I can show you some pics that will really blow your hair back. In this petite porn scene, we meet a sexy Latina who's just a small little bundle of fun. Just under five feet tall and weighing as much as a few bags of flour, this chick is ready to rock your world. And she'll do that with her super tight body and her rocking skills in the bedroom. What I really like about this girl however, is that it's almost guaranteed that she's make your dick look huge. No matter what size cock you have I bet if you stuck it into this chick's mouth, then it would look like it belonged to Ron Jeremy. If you don't believe it, then just look at these pics. This chick really makes this dude's dong look like it belongs to a giant. It's fucking cool. - check the whole gallery here!

Why I Like Me Some Pint Sized Bitches

I got an email today that's going to blow your mind. Somebody asked my why I love tiny teen love. Can you believe it? Evidently, they aren't a big follower of this blog or haven't spent a lot of time checking out some of the pics I've posted. Because if they had, then they would know why I love Exxxtra Small babes. Of course, sometimes you really have to spell things out for some people. Which is okay, I don't mind doing it. After all, it's just another excuse for me to post some more hot pics of gorgeous petite women and their sexual adventures. If you don't know why I like smaller teens after this scene, then I don't think there's anything I can do to push my point across. This scene gives us a great chick to check out. Another sweet Latina who stands about five feet tall, has great tits and a big bubble butt. Just like I like 'em. In this gallery, this chick not only shows off her amazing body but also gets a little freaky by the pool. Man, are these ladies fucking beautiful or what? - check the whole gallery here!

Somewhat Of A Corny Petite Porn Pun

I was gathering this Exxxtra Small gallery together for this site and a singular thought crossed my mind. A thought that was kind of silly and kind of funny. I thought to myself that it would be nice if the petite babe in this gallery had a flat head. You know, someplace where I could set my beer while she was sucking me off. Like a table, get it? Of course, that line is from an old joke. My friends and I used to talk about some of the short girls that hung around our college campus and we would always say that we wished they had flat heads so we'd have someplace to set our drinks. I know, it's kind of stupid but it crossed my mind while I was watching the chick in these pics suck a dick, and I thought I'd share it with you all. Okay, now I'm afraid I don't have enough space to adequately explain this gallery. That's okay, I'll give you the basic blow by blow. She sucks a dick, gets her pussy eaten, then she gets fucked and everyone is fucking happy. The End. - check the whole gallery here!

Does Petite Porn Need To Be Grounded In Reality?

I've always heard that some women tan their naked bodies on rooftops but I don't think I've ever seen it in person. Which is really quite a shame. Can you imagine seeing some hot young thing sunning her nude shimmering body on the roof while she doesn't realize she's being watched? I think that would be fucking awesome. Since I got experience that fantasy in real life, I decided to do the next best thing and show a small teen porn gallery that shows that very scenario. Now we can all live this fantasy. Of course, if you really saw a chick sunning herself in real life, then you probably won't get the same satisfaction as those of us who didn't will but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the action. The guy in this scene walks in on this petite chick sunbathing and he knows he has to have her, so he takes a shot by squeezing her ass cheeks. Which surprisingly, gets her all hot and bothered. Enough so that she decides to fuck this dude every which way but loose. I know, it's a typical porn fantasy that would never happen in real life, but man is it fun to watch. - check the whole gallery here!

This Tiny Girl Is Hot In Uniform

I think the girl in this tiny teen porn gallery is really going to make you happy. That's because this chick is all dressed up in a soccer uniform. Yeah, I know it's not a typical fantasy to fuck a soccer player, but stay with me because the real beauty of this uniform is in the details. Firstly, this chick is wearing knee high socks—which in and of themselves are hot as all fucking hell. Then she wears tennis shoes, tight shorts and a tight little shirt. Okay, it might not sound all that hot, but bear with me. It's one of the hottest uniforms I've seen. Almost as hot as a cheerleader. Almost, but not quite. And what really gets me about this scene is she wears it through the whole things. Okay, so yeah she takes off her shorts and undies, but the rest of it she leaves on. And then she gets her fucking brains fucked out. Wow, now that's some great porn. This babe really knows how to handle some balls. See? I managed to work in a sporting metaphor into the porn. Am I amazing or what? - check the whole gallery here!

Petite Pussy Can Stretch

I've seen some skinny bitches in my life but this one really takes the cake. Not that she would actually eat the cake but she'd take it. This chick must weight around 80 pounds or something. I don't know for sure, but I do know that she's very, very tiny. She's so small you just know her pussy has to be super fucking tight. It must be one of the tightest snatches in the universe. I would say that it would probably be too small to be fucked, but I did take a look at this gallery and I know that isn't the case. Her twat stretches quite nicely. In fact, I would say her small snatch stretches quite nicely because she's able to accommodate this guy's rather large cock. And not just the tip of it either. No, he's able to bury all of it into her tiny little box. Wow, she must have had quite a bit of practice over the course of her life. Perhaps that's the reason she is so skilled at fucking. She doesn't have much cushion for the pushing but she sure does have the skills. - check the whole gallery here!

This Tiny Teen Is A Real Submissive

I predict that my fellow fans of small teen porn are really going to enjoy the hell out of this particular porn gallery. That's because I found a girl who's beautiful, tiny and is pretty skilled in the sack. Of course, when I first saw this chick I didn't think so, but after checking out her pics a few times I now have to change my tune. You see, when I first saw this scene I knew this chick was super hot, but I thought she was a little laid back for my tastes. At first, I thought she was just laying there and letting her man have his way with her. That basically she was playing like she was frigid and was just going through the motions. However, I know realize I was mistaken. She isn't being laid back, she's being submissive. She's showing him that he is the boss and that she'll do whatever it takes to make him happy. He can ram his cock down her throat, dick her pussy hard or even fuck her up the ass, if he wants. She is his sexual plaything and is down for whatever he wants. Anything at all. - check the whole gallery here!

Sometimes You Need Pussy On The Go

Do you like to carry your pussy around? If you do, then you might want to opt for a petite babe. A chick that you can pick up and take with you. Kind of like the teen in this gallery. This chick is the perfect portable pussy. Just pick her up and take her with you or fuck her in any position you want. Which is precisely what the guy in this petite teen porn scene does. He was in the kitchen with this babe and suddenly decided that he needed some pussy, so he grabbed her and placed her on the counter Now he could fuck her right then and there. Wow, small girls really are the best. After he pokes her twat for a little while, he then decides that maybe he wants her to suck his cock. So he puts he back on the floor and lets her suck his dick for a really long time. After his blowjob, he then decides to test just how limber she is by raising her leg above her head and fucking her hard. Portable pussy that is also very flexible? Damn, you can count me in as a fan of this shit! - check the whole gallery here!

This Girl Is The Best Representation Of Tiny Teen Porn

What a lot of people don't realize is that small teen porn just doesn't involve girls who are really short. Sometimes the girls are just petite—a designation that doesn't relate to height but just to body size. For example, take the girl in this gallery. She isn't short, she's almost the same size as the guy, but she is small boned and that's exactly what I'm talking about. You get a clearer picture of what I am trying to say when she takes off her dress. Then you get to see the typical small woman's body. Tits that are usually an “A” or a “B” and very little meat on her bones. Sure, she's small but she isn't short in height. Do you understand what I'm saying? Good, then let's get in on the action. In this scene, this babe does everything you would want her to do. She gets down on her knees and sucks off this guy's prick. She straddles him and fucks him reverse cowgirl and she let's him taste her tasty snatch. And that my friends is what makes petite porn so fucking good. I hope that you agree with me but if you don't, then let me ask you one question. Why are you here? - check the whole gallery here!
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